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  Kr. 5.900 - VĂŚrelse
12 Kvm1 VĂŚrelse10000 kr. i Indskud10. apr, 2016  Tilføj til favoritter Print


VÌrelse pü adressen Ib Schønbergs AllÊ  i postnummer 2500 udlejes fra d. 2016-06-01. VÌrelset er ca. 12 m2 stort og koster 5900 kr. pr. müned at leje. Depositum for vÌrelset udgør 10000 kr.

I prefer foreigner 🙂 Description A little practical info: 4 Bedroom. Apartment 90 kvm (new construction 2008), in Valby 2500 at Ib Schoenberg alle . With :dishwashers , washer-dryer , balcony , roof terrace etc . Bus 8A goes right in front of the door New Ellebjerg station is 7 min walking distance (A, E & F s-trains) Valby station is 10 min walking distance (B, C & H s-trains) The room is approximately 12 kvm . rent = 5.900 kr . incl heat & water. El per quarter = 600 kr . Deposit = 10,000 kr Personal: Hello, I am a fresh girl on 24, happy about life, positive and appreciate differences. In my every day I work anywhere between 8 to 50 hours a week in the store chain called Deres(in Lyngby) but I am of heart a person who just wanna enjoy life and have fun, so I have many days off as I love to spend them on something creative . I have Flow Dance Academy training behind me, which means I have a natural love for dance and all creative people in this world. You can often find me on our dear Christiania or maybe just enjoy the weather on our balcony or roof terrace. I have a cat (holy Birman) named Carma , which is quite sweet and calm and very affectionate. I am one of those types who believe in a little bit of everything and nothing. – If necessary you can stalk me on Instagram: CamillaKier Or link: Besides that I live with a great roomie named Katrin who moved into the apartment the 1st of Dec. 2015 and who is German, so at home we speak English . Katrin is 26 years old and reads her PhD in Lyngby, she is extremely creative and has already started to decorate the entire apartment (which we have great fun with), she is a girl with lots of energy , loves to cook(especially to others) and is extremely talkative = you will never make your proper bedtime :D. You will for sure love her :)!! Since one of my two roomies have chosen to fly from our little nest, I seek a new one who: 1. A person who is happy in life and have a positive mind, somebody who will like to create a bond where one can distinguish the friendship that we will build up and all the practical (such as economics , cleaning , etc.). 2. It is so Super important for me to get a person in who likes cats, and will treat Carma(my cat), as if she were your own = she allowed to stay in your room, and if I’m on vacation, I can trust she is well and being treated with great love and care. So when you move in here you don’t just rent a room, you get an apartment where you can do mostly as you please, aaaand you become a cat owner too = remember to give her food, check water ect. 3. It is also super important that you have a life = not just sit at home and hang all day, I need to get a human in with energy, who is happy and like to do stuff. – Last but not least, it could be so nice to have a person in there is creative: Dancer , make- up artist , DJ, hairdresser, acrobat etc .(but not a most) I am really completely down to earth, I have lived in this apartment for 5 years and been enriched with the most beautiful roomies through the ages and grown from allthe differences I have met on my way . So I certainly hope that the next person is an equally amazing experience that can leave his or hers mark on the apartment. NOTE . smoking is allowed as long as it is carried out on the balcony . & Animals are allowed as long as it is a cat or small dog , which can get along with my cat. PS . if you want to capture my interest , I suggest that you fix some soul into your message , it is so rare I get a message with personality and a good vibe . ‘less human , more being ‘ 😀 – Kier



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